WOD: 6-15-12

Strength: 100 Hollow Rocks

WOD: For time:

90 Double Unders
30 Clusters (135/95)
90 Double Unders

There is a 1 Burpee penalty for every time you trip up / stop during Double Unders


How many Hollow Rocks can you do in a row?  If the answer is not “as many as I need to do and thus 100”, then we have some room for improvement.  Having a strong set of abs carries over into EVERY facet of CrossFit so be sure to push yourself here.  That is to say that getting really good at Hollow Rocks will get you better at other moves.  As far as the WOD goes, this is a Cluster (not a good one, but you get the idea).  It is basically a Squat Clean into a Thruster all in one rep.  The bar resets on the floor every time and it is an outstanding opportunity to practice your Squat Clean (you are very welcome).  Try your hardest to not Power Clean and then do a Thruster.  In fact, blatant reps of that nature will not count.  It should really go without saying but here it goes:


Form will, without question, rule over all

Imagine how enjoyable your Clusters are going to be after 90 Double Unders or 300 singles (yes, 300 singles.  Learn your DU’s), plus a few Burpees.  If you read that sentence and your name doesn’t rhyme with Chris Shmealler, then alarms should be going off.  It also should go without saying but again:


We have been going overhead plenty and drilling the Squat Clean.  If you are still not comfortable with it, then the prescribed load will not be ideal.  Thrusters also have to be considered since you are going to feel each of the 135/95 pounds when coming out of a Squat Clean.  Check the ego at the door and let your form and speed do the talking.  It will not service you / your fitness to put “Rx” next to “1:05:09.99”.

Not sure how to finish it so…awkward,




  1. July Baseline…done.  To do the best you can in this workout will require more mental fortitude then any other workout.
  2. In-house competition coming in early August.  Details to follow.
  3. Please note that Sunday classes will be cancelled for the summer time starting next week (the 24th).

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